Mobile protective Screens, Cassette holder, lead glasses 

 X-ray cassettes type “S”

X-ray cassette Typ"S"

- a construction of approved cassettes to open easily and closing only by pressure
good contact film-screen by special curvature on both parts of cassette
- pure Aluminium 1.2 mm Al
Al - cover varnished, frame black eloxated





X-ray cassettes Typ "ABS"


X-ray cassettes  Typ “ABS”


- High impact resistance,
- High stiffness
- Low weight and a very long life
- Magnetic system produced by the ABS - cassette
  uniform contact between film and intensifying screen
- Closure and hinge are available as spare parts 






LGY  blue (rare earths)
X-ray intensifying screens on rare-earths base for blue-sensitive films
Intensifying screens with fluorescent substances of high light yield
on rare-earths basis (yttrium oxisulfide with terbium)
have found broad application (CaWO4) blue
Phosphor used: microcristalline calcium tungstate.
Spectral position of the emitted screen light at the maximum at approx. 400 nm.
on request
on rare-earths base: LGY Speed 200, LGY Speed 400, LGY Speed 800
base Calciumtungstate blue Universal 100, Universal 200



LGG  green (rare earths)
X-ray intensifying screens on rare-earths basis for green sensitive films.

This screen type based on gadolinium oxisulfide is effective only in the green
spectral range around 550 nm. Very fine graininess, therefore good definition.

on request: LGG 200, LGG 400, 
LGG 800




Cassette holder

Wall cassette holder


For all cassettes format with tilt-free, running liner, height adjustable
with interlock button.
- vertical rails and cassette holder - stainless steel, cross braces and liners

- made of metal
- with white powder coating






- Floor Cassette Holder

- Wall Cassette Holder





 Stitching Trolley

Stitching trolley with x-ray ruler

 Floor cassette holder in special design for digital radiographs e.g. for spine or lower extremities
Base frame with:
- Unbreakable clear plastic pane
- X-ray ruler optional
- Wheels and side handles available on request

























Cassette transfer cabinet


Cassette transfer cabinet

- are designed for transferring cassettes from the X-ray room to the darkroom
- while protecting the darkroom from daylight and X-ray radiation.
Housing made of powder coated steel. Special coated bottom for an extra safety of the cassettes.
Frontal X-ray protection of 2,0 mm lead.
Lightproof interlocking doors opening up to 180°.



Mobile protective Screen


mobile protective screen

Mobile protective screens, tested by TÜV Süd Germany,
size: 120 cm wide, 200 cm high
construction: rolled lead sheet 1mm  (2 mm) between 2 melamine finished hardboards,
4 antistatic swivel casters, 2 with locking device
easy to move


Mobile protective Screens with wings






Lead glasses


Lead glasses

lead equivalent: 1,6 - 2,2 - 2,7 - 3,2 mm
glass thickness: 5,0 - 11,5 mm - depending on the lead equivalent
Maximum dimensions: width: 1.000 mm

Length: 2.100 mm
The cut edges are rounded and sanded.


Price on request!
Please enter the dimensions and
the lead equivalent value.




Stainless steel frame for lead glass windows: 1,6 mm Pb and 2,3 mm Pb

Stainles steel frame for lead glass window


Please specify the dimensions of the lead glasses and the lead equivalent.
Upon request we provide complete lead glasses with frame.
Special frame for thicker lead glass and other widths available on request.